Documentary on 2013 Iran Presidential Election to Be Screened in Canada


A documentary about Iran’s 2013 presidential election will be screened on June 17 at the University of Toronto, Canada.  
Titled ‘At the End of Pasteur Street,’ it refers to a street in Tehran where the presidential office is located.
The film is jointly made by documentarian and journalist Jafar Mohammadi and film director and documentarian Mohsen Khanjahani.
Following the Toronto screening, the film will be shown in Montreal, Quebec Province, ISNA reported.
The 2013 presidential election and events on the sidelines are pictured in the film that also reflects on the presidential candidates.
According to Khanjahani, it was an attempt “to document one of the most significant presidential elections in Iran’s political history without any bias.
I’m a documentarian. I don’t see myself as a politician … therefore, the film cannot be considered political. Rather, it is a social documentary.”
Saying that it is a historical document, he said it is up to the viewers to pass judgment.
Hodhod Media is organizing the screening event. Hodhod ( is an independent, non-profit Canadian media in Persian, English and French languages available for free on the Internet. It is an official member of Federation of Professional Journalists in Quebec.



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